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Benjamin Green

Benjamin Green is a relative newcomer to the canyons of New Mexico. Always sensing displacement, never to be at home, he is settling in. His art explores his relationship with his new landscape. He is the author of eleven books including The Sound of Fish Dreaming (Bellowing Ark Press, 1996). His poems appear regularly in regional publications like Sky Island Journal, Creosote, and Pinyon. He is a self-taught visual artist, employing many media: watercolors, oils, liquid graphite, enamel, photography, resin, and broken fenceboards. Because he was not school-trained, he considers his art to be “outsider.” He feels no constraints—when he is inspired to create art his response is, “why not?” Now in his late sixties, he hopes his new work articulates a mature vision of the world and does so with some integrity. He resides in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

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