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Jaymes Dudding

Jaymes is a native of New Mexico and a lifetime educator and ceramic sculptor. He earned his B.A. and M.A. Degrees in art education at the University of New Mexico and completed his MFA degree in ceramic design at the University of Oklahoma. His teaching career began at Laguna-Acoma High School in western New Mexico. Later, he joined the art faculty at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma as Professor of Ceramics, Art Education and Art History. After retirement, Dudding returned to New Mexico to teach part-time at Walatowa High Charter School at Jemez Pueblo. He also became an adjunct instructor of Humanities at Central New Mexico Community College as well as adjunct instructor at Institute of American Indian Arts. Dudding’s artistic production reflects his education as a potter. His goddesses, fountains and figurative sculptures begin as clay vessels, which are thrown on the potter’s wheel. His technique involves stacking, stretching and paddling the moist clay forms as necessary to achieve the image in his mind’s eye. He employs colored clay slips and metallic leafing to complete his sculptures. Duddings career has expanded to the creation of monumental sculptures such as the “Arch of Gaia”, a 9’ by 15’ ceramic arch and an installation for the City of Rio Rancho titled: “Chaco Rising”. This sculpture is a working Solstice marker inspired by Fajada Butte at Chaco Canyon.

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