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Ann Blankenship

Ann Blankenship was born in Rapid City, South Dakota. She spent most of her time climbing trees, hiking, camping and experiencing outdoor sports and activities. Graduating from Stevens High School in 1974, Ann went to Black Hills State University to get a degree in art and special education teaching degree. Ann taught at North and South Middle School, and Rapid City Central High School when she lived in Rapid City. She was an art teacher for 30 years.  She taught beginning art classes, AP art, ceramics and photography. This vast teaching experience taught her a variety of processes but weaving and the tactile feel of the fiber of weft and warp fascinates her to this day. Ann was a painter earlier in her career but when she had her daughter the chemicals in oil paints made her make a move to a more process oriented art form. Ann's first tapestry teacher was Grete Heikes Bodegard in Rapid City, South Dakota. Grete was raised in Norway and her style of weaving was whimsical at times and socially driven at other times.   Grete is a highly recognized weaver and became a good friend.  Moving to New Mexico and joining the local Las Aranas Guild allowed Ann the opportunity to take workshops with John Pierre Larochette and Yael Lurie.    In 1994, three tapestry weavers from Albuquerque, traveled to Aubusson, France to take a Master weaving class with Giselle and Henri Brivet.  This was the trip of a lifetime.  On weekends the group traveled throughout France seeing many famous tapestries. Ann currently lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She enjoys weaving and has started plein air painting around the state. Jemez Fine Arts Gallery represents her work. Her website is

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